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Want to Sculpt Your Body for Summer? It’s Not Late Yet!
EMSCULPT® may be Right for You!
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Non-Surgical body toning and sculpting procedure EMSCULPT® is a series of four treatments within a two week period for building muscle and sculpting abdomen and buttock for both women and men with no downtime. More Information
EMSCULPT® Non Surgical Body Sculpting Video
EMSCULPT® was amazing! It felt like I was doing thousands of squats. It did
  exactly what I wanted, it lifted and toned my butt. – Stefanie, Miami, FL
EMSCULPT® was amazing! It feels like you are doing thousands of
   crunches. I was like Wow this really really works.” – Sarhai, Manhattan, NY

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These procedures may not be appropriate for everyone.
Each individual is evaluated prior to treatment.
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